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Magnolia Grandiflora III


The majestic winter blossoms in soft ivory punctuate the crisp air with their sweet lemony scent. The cup shaped blooms invite us to pause for a visit, to marvel at the form of each layer. The smooth satin of the petals invigorate our sensory, the essence of being in the moment.

A practice in capturing the moment through my hands in hope to imbue the beauty in our everyday life. Like a contoured drawing in space, each line and each curve are expressed in a free form manner from the previous observation.

Wire forming or as quoted by Alexander Calder "Drawing in space" is the main practice of choice, incorporating a natural raw cut black tourmaline and hand poured resin as the base to compliment.

A one of a kind mini sculpture to remind us to take a breath and relish in the moment.

Great for small spaces such as bookshelves, desk, powder table or anywhere that you would like to add a thoughtful charm to your vignette.

Materials include burnished brass, tourmaline, resin and gold pigment.

The mini sculpture stands at 1" tall. Base is about 2 1/4" x 2"