My name is Vipada, the creator of CinqWorkshop.  Cinq was founded in the summer of 2012 as a way to capture and share my creative journey.

The creative process starts with curiosity, a peek into the inspiration and its unfolding through making things by hand.  I am incredibly lucky to be able to connect with the world through my work.  

In my humble workshop, you can always find me at the work table surrounded by my tools, they are thoughtfully curated over the years and have become the essential parts of my daily make.   The intimate creating process is the most joyful in my journey.  I hope this comes through to you via the piece that you are wearing.  

I use recycled materials when possible.  I even recycle metal dust.  Gold filled and sterling silver are my main materials for most delicate pieces and brass for bigger pieces.  I also welcome custom work with precious metal such as solid gold.  

If you have followed me over the years, you know that my style is modern on the minimalist side but sometimes I throw in some surprises and humor.  They are made for daily wear with 100% pure joy.  

Every piece of my work is lovingly hand-crafted by me in my Haight Ashbury studio in San Francisco.

Follow my creative process unfolding one square at a time